Adding Video to your Report

When adding video we recommend using YouTube (or other free video hosting sites like Vimeo) to host your video and include ‘unlisted’ links. 

Here’s a few advantages:

  • No file size, quantity or capacity limits
  • No over limit fees
  • You get High resolution video
  • Easy to resize the screen to any size
  • Best capacity, bandwidth, & reputation
  • Besides, what can our industry do to video better than YouTube?
  • It's FREE!
  • SEO marketing advantage of your company using YouTube

Instructions: Adding video links to your HORIZON report: 

1) Upload video to your YouTube account. If you don't have one, it's free! Click Sign Up on the YouTube Home Screen.

2) Set the video as 'Unlisted' when publishing. 
Note: “Unlisted” setting is important to make the video un-searchable and preserve client privacy. 
You can use a ‘Public’ setting if privacy is not a concern.

3) Copy/Paste the share link to the note in your report item.

You can easily add a hyperlink in the URL section of any item or custom comment
(blank item):

  • We recommend setting the video as Unlisted when you upload it to YouTube. If you set it as Unlisted, only the person that receives the hyperlink can view the video.