What are Horizon's payment options?

Learn about Horizon's payment options, including annual and monthly subscriptions and pay-per-report credits.

What’s the best price option?


Horizon gives you 2 Simple options.  All-in and no hidden extras!  

  1. $79 Monthly subscription - The monthly payment option is our most popular plan.  
    Monthly payments are flexible making it easy to budget keeping in line with your cash flow.  Monthly plans minimize the commitment of large upfront fees or when brining new inspectors onboard.  Annual subscription plan is also available at $799.
    Each inspector requires a subscription. Of course, added accounts for Admin or Customer Service staff are free!

  2. Pay-per-use plan – We call this the Credit plan. Pre-load inspection credits to your company account and reload anytime you need more.  

    Inspection Credits can be shared among inspectors, credits will expire in 1 year from the day of purchase and do not require a subscription.
    1. Volume discounts packages are available
  • 25 credits for $300 - $12 per inspection rate is most popular for inspectors working part-time or have lower volume.
  • 50 credits for $500 - $10 per inspection rate
  • 100 credits for $800 - $8 per inspection rate is most popular with inspectors who want the flexibility and freedom from subscriptions. If you’re doing 80 – 120 inspections per year, this might be for you.

  • 250 credits for $1500 - $6 per inspection rate
  • 500 credits for $2000 - $4 per inspection rate offers the best value for inspectors with constant volume or multi-inspection firms with a mix of part/full time inspectors.

Click Order at the top of your Horizon screen 24/7/365 to update subscriptions or reload credits.   

For Questions or to switch between plans, contact support at 866-303-7999 option 2 or horizon.support@carsondunlop.com