How do I create a My Item?


In this lesson, we will review MyItems. What are MyItems?

My Items allow you to:

- Add items that we can select from lists when writing a report.
- Add items that we want to appear in every report automatically.

1. Adding a MyItem to Descriptions or Limitations

To add a new MyItem:

1) Select Profile from the top of the screen.

2) Under Section 3. Report Config, beside MyItems click on Add Content.


3) There are a few MyItems already here however yours may be blank.

4) To add a new MyItem, click on Add a New Item.



Say you want to add Thatched Roofing as an option.

1) Under Step 1. Select a section, we will choose Description
2) Under Step 2. Select a house system, we will choose Roofing.
3) Under Step 3. Heading, we will choose Sloped roofing material.
4) Type Thatched in the Short Name box (This will be the name of the button).
5) Type Thatched in the MyItem box (This is the text that will appear in the report).
6) Click on 'Save and Back'.


Tip 1: You may want to say something that applies to any roofing material. For example, you may want to say that dark colored roofs tend to wear more quickly than light colored roofs, or that the roof should be inspected annually. To add this to the General category of the Roofing Descriptions, checkmark this box at the top of the screen when making the MyItem.


Tip 2: To send the reader to a website for more information, enter a Web link to associate with this “My Item”. This can be on your website or any website. Always ask for permission where required when using third-party links. Enter the web address starting with ‘http://’. 

Tip 3: You’ll notice a check box labeled Check here to Auto Include this My Item in ALL Inspection Reports at the bottom of the screen.

Click if you want this item to appear in every report you write. This feature saves you from having to re-write or add items you use in every report. For example, you might tell every client to inspect the roof every year.

2. Adding a MyItem to Recommendations

Maybe raccoon damage on a roof is common in your area. Let’s add it to My Items to make it easier for you.

To get started, click on Profile at the top of the screen. Then go to 3. Report Config > MyItems > Add content.


This will take you to the MyItems screen where you can add custom items to Roofing-Interior or to any of your ancillaries.

Click Add a New Item.


1) Click on Show this My Item in the General (top) level of this house system? because raccoon damage applies to any roofing.

2) Under Step 1: Select a section, click on Recommendations.

3) Under Step 2. Select a house system, click on Roofing.

Note: We did not select a heading for Step 3 as we want this to display in the General Category at the top of the Roofing Recommendations page.

1) In the Short Name: box, type in the button name. In this example, it is Racoon damage.

2) In the MyItem box, type in your narrative. In this case we have said 'Racoons can damage roofing materials with their claws and teeth.'

3) Once you are done, click on 'Save and Back'.

The next time you open a report, this item will be available as a selection to pick from:

3. Adding a MyItem on the fly

Sometimes you make a custom entry (Blank item) on a report and think, “I should save this for future reports.” To add a MyItem on the fly while you are working on a report, click the Blank item button:


1) Type your Note in the Notes field.

2) Check-mark the box that says 'Make this a MyItem'.

3) Click Save and Close.