NXT Inspekt Integration Guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate NXT Inspekt with Horizon. With this integration your inspections scheduled on NXT Inspekt will sync automatically and appear in your Horizon account.

Create your NXT Inspekt account

First, you’ll need an account with NXT Inspekt. For more information or to sign up visit www.setinspect.com.

Integrate NXT Inspekt in your Horizon profile

  1. Click Profile in Horizon

  2. Scroll down to section 1. Company and to the right of NXT Inspekt click Settings

  3. Enter your NXT username (email)
  4. Enter your NXT password
  5. Click Save and Back

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Horizon and NXT Inspekt.

What is synced from NXT Inspekt?

The sync between Horizon and NXT Inspekt occurs automatically every 10 minutes and includes:

  • Client 1 name, email and phone number
  • Inspection address, unit, city, zip/postal, state/province
  • Inspection date and time

Note: If any of this information changes on NXT Inspekt it will update on Horizon during the next sync, but if the information is changed on Horizon it will not update on NXT Inspekt during the next sync.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Horizon technical support.