Report Writing Tips, Reducing Time and More

Want to reduce your report writing time?

Here are some things that most inspectors do that we don't. We don't think you should do them either.
Let's start with ‘Why?’

  • It wastes the inspector’s time.
  • It doesn't add any value for the client.
  • It wastes the client's time having to read it.
  • This information is never helpful in resolving complaints.
  • It may create liability if you get the information wrong.
  • The weather history is available from the government weather offices free of charge at any time. It's far more authoritative, more detailed and includes states before and after the inspection.  

Now let's look at what you can remove:

  • Weather conditions at time of inspection
  • Attendees
  • Start and stop time
  • Age and size of home
  • Type and style of home

Terms to try and avoid for Home Inspections:

Satisfactory | Acceptable | Functional | Serviceable | Structurally Sound

Why? You don’t know for a fact if a component was satisfactory or not.

Also, consider removing extra words such as:

“The roof structure is in need of repair at this time.”
“Visible evidence of rodent activity was observed in the attic area.”
“There are water leaks in the crawl space that need to be corrected.”

There is also “fluff” that you can get rid of completely, such as:

Furnace Blower: direct or belt drive
Thermostat: Mechanical or electronic
Roof type: Gable, shed, flat, etc.

We hope this information helps. Happy Reporting!