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Scheduling Appointments

Is it time for a vacation?

If you have Online Booking or Agentbook enabled, it’s a good idea to start considering booking off vacation time within Horizon. It’s super easy to do, and helps to ensure that no one tries to schedule an inspection whether you’re in Los Cabos or at the Cottage for a week. 

In Horizon, navigate to the Scheduler screen. Pick the start date via the Calendar. Beside your name, click on the 8 am tile, and click on Create Appointment. You will be taken to the window below:

In this window, we are booking off October 24th to 30th starting at 8 AM.  In Details you can put a general note about the time off, and set the duration to run all day. Also we set the Repeat to ‘daily’ for the next 7 days. Once this is done, click ‘Save’.

Now that this has been added, a client or realtor using your Website or Agentbook will not be able to book for these dates.