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Search for Horizon Mobile

1) Click on the magnifying glass icon on your report. (Figure 1)
 Figure 1


2) Use the keyboard or built-in microphone to enter search terms. (Figure 2)
Note: Internet is required to use voice search for Siri or Google Voice. If you do not have a connection, you can use the keyword search.

Use Multi-words, partial words or words in any order.

Hint: use 2 words, an item and a qualifier for best results. 'Gutter' and 'clog', for example.

Figure 2

3) Tap to go to that item, or Tap and Hold to quickly select the item. (Figure 3 & 4)
Figure 3

It's added instantly to your report!
Figure 4

Search 2.0 eliminates navigating through long lists and saves time in the field.

- Highlights matched terms
- Counter show number of matches
- Shows items already selected

Tip: If you get too many results, add a few more letters or words.

Tip: if you get no results, change your words a little. 'Multi wire' works better than 'Multiwire', for example.