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Syncing Early and Often

You have 2 Sync options using Horizon Mobile or Horizon Laptop:

Full sync = Data moves 2 ways from the cloud to your mobile device and from your device back to the cloud.  Full sync is great for loading new inspections on to your mobile device.

Push only = Data moves 1 way from your mobile device to the cloud.   Push only is faster and ensures your data is backed up and secure on the cloud. 

The average inspection report contains 40-60 photos, even more if you take extra for backups.  Syncing all photos and notes at one time puts more pressure between your internet connection and the cloud.  Most connections handle this, however other factors like device age, signal strength/quality, dependant devices (routers), etc. may contribute to sync reliability.
The more often you are able to push sync to the cloud, the better. Your data is backed up, photos & data move faster and in smaller batches.  If you have 100 photos, using Push only to sync 5 or more times during your inspection takes less time and improves reliability (like carrying fewer eggs in your basket) compared to syncing 100 photos and findings in one sync.  If the app stops syncing due to weak or poor signal, you can recover mobile entries from the web-side Report by clicking on Mobile Entry Logs.  
We understand there are circumstances where you have very limited or no connectivity. Try using your phone as a Hotspot.  If you have weak or poor signal it may be safer to sync on Wi-Fi once in range.