Why Crawlspace is not a separate section in Horizon - Note from Alan Carson

Dear Horizon users,

We have had a couple of requests about building out a Crawlspace section of Horizon. In my opinion, crawlspace is a location, just like basement, living room, kitchen and roof. Crawlspaces can have many problems including Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Cooling and Insulation. At Carson Dunlop, we record the adverse conditions under their appropriate building system and simply record the location as Crawlspace. This has worked well for us for 41 years.

Horizon Mobile allows you to take photos that attach to the right spot in the report. We suggest putting in the defect and taking the photo while you're in the crawlspace. You can add Location, Task, Time and Notes later. If you don't want to bother finding the report item while you're in a crawlspace (which I get!), you can just use your phone camera to grab shots and then import them from your phone’s photo Gallery into Horizon later.

We record the Condition and describe the location as Crawlspace, which is under Floor Level on your Location, Task, Time, and Cost screen.

Horizon Mobile:


Horizon Web:


Horizon's database architecture avoids a lot of duplication that would be required in a room-by-room layout. It facilitates efficient report writing, especially if you can train yourself to stop navigating and start Searching

Sidebar: We have been enhancing Search to add related words so if you type in girder, and Horizon says beam for example, you will get to the right spot either way.


Thanks, and happy inspecting,


Alan Carson