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Auto-Sync on Horizon Mobile

Syncing often during the inspection is highly recommended to protect your data. Before, you would have to Push Sync via the Horizon Mobile Menu. In the latest release (2.9) we now sync for you after every few entries, automatically. This helps to protect your inspection on the cloud by syncing in smaller batches. Several small syncs are better than one large one, since you are far less likely to have a connection hiccup.

How does it work?

After every 6th item entry on the Horizon Mobile App, we will Auto-Sync the data & photos in the background as long as you have an internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. If your tablet is a wi-fi only tablet, we recommend to tether/piggyback your phone's internet connection from your iOS or Android device. At the end of your inspection, perform a final Push Only sync to sync any remaining data back to the cloud.

What if I have a weak or no internet signal at all?

We will limit the amount of re-attempts on Auto-Sync if the signal is weak or intermittent. You will receive a prompt on-screen advising if the sync process was not successful due to this.

Is it optional? Will it cost much if using my phone’s data plan?

Yes, it is optional. This will be turned on by default & can be disabled via the main menu on Horizon Mobile by setting Auto-Sync to Off. However, we do highly recommend to keep this on to protect your data. Turn it off at your own risk. The average report with 50-60 photos uses 5-10 MB of data.

Our testing shows typical use will consume a few hundred megabytes a month, or a small percentage of 2GB data plans.


If you turn auto-sync off, we recommend to sync early and often whenever possible. For more information, refer to our article here.